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"Fourth Hidden Wise Man"

Whenever I receive information regarding the three Wise Men I always get shown a compass, four points of North, East, West and South. Popular theory says the three men started their destination in Babylon but I believe they came from different points of origin..........four corners of the world, travelling towards a gathering point just outside Bethleham. So if we have four points then who is this fourth man?

The fourth wise man is said to have borne the name of Artaban and he is well known in Russian legend. This fourth wise man, who came from Persia, was the only one of the four wise men who knew that he was to visit and revere a girl-child, his gift of pearls was profoundly symbolic from the Persian Gulf. The pearl represents the moon of the Sacred Feminine as the reflective vessel of wisdom. It's also a symbol of the egg as the source of life which Mary Magdalene holds herself in many paintings.

Unfortunatly Artaban died of natural causes before meeting up with the other three Wise Men who carried on the journey towards the boy-child. This might explain the lack of information on him and his visit to the girl-child beforehand. His death did have a purpose however which was symbolic in itself as it represented humanitys initial denial of a girl-child equal to the boy-child.

Title "Collective Celebration"

 Its funny how people fail to acknowledge that Christmas was celebrated long before Christianity came along; about 2000 yrs!! Many ancient nations created their own festive midwinter periods and celebrations including the Pagans. It was not until the 4th century that Pope Julius I set December 25th as the date for Christmas; an attempt to Christianise the Pagan celebrations that already took place on that date.

I know some people do struggle to understand or accept past life's but Mary Magdalene herself has had many lives under various religious disguises including Muslim. As Mary points out herself, "you can wrap yourself up in any religious blanket but your still a human being" If people want to be happy and celebrate a festive period they should be allowed to do so without any prejudice.





"Universal Perspective"

This was a long hard working sketch to come through but thoroughly enjoyable! The Andromeda Galaxy, our neighbour to our Milky Way Galaxy, is one mother of a galaxy with hundreds of planets and many streaming with life. This is were Mary Magdalene had one of her life's at a time when the Earth was in it's 15th century. That period of time is seen as the bridge between the Late Middle Ages, the Early Renaissance, and Early Modern Period. MM home planet for that life was called "Ephione" (not sure if spelt right though lol). She was literally 8ft tall with large beaming eyes and lived for well over 200 of Earth years. Its one example of not only how many life's we have had but that its not restricted to this planet or indeed this dimension.


"Hidden Truth"

The truth about Mary Magdalene is being revealed to people after thousands of years of false information. Truth can be hidden and its important to find it no matter how painful or revealing it can be. History is full of hidden information that contradicts our inner knowledge. People can unfortunately be very clever in hiding things that they don't want others to know about. Inside of us however, is the burning desire to know & understand more, not just in History but other parts of life too. Don't let what is hidden from you hinder your progress forward

"Sacrificial Suppression"

On October 13th 1307 the Knights Templar were rounded up and arrested for heresy & treason. Some were caught and tortured or even burned at the stake. Pope Clement V had completed his task of bringing down the Templars and grabbing their relics. They were interrogated about their secrets of information which contradicted the church's belief system. Mary Magdalene was held in high esteem by the Templars and had in thier protection her relics and manuscripts which had been obtained by many other sources including the Cathars. Intriguingly one of Marys past life's was a Templar which would indicate she was protecting her very own relics and secrets including the bloodline. Little did Pope Clement realise that the Templars knew in advance about the upcoming onslaught of his army and had about nine ships dispatched from the port of La Rochelle in France. Some arrived in Portugal, England and Scotland and together with their documents including many relics it meant that Pope Clement found nothing during thier interrogation.

"Past Life in Paris"

This artwork was created for someone who had a life in Paris, France.  Like so many past lifes I find it very imformative whilst I am channelling my work as it gives great insight into history.

"Past Life in Egypt"

An enjoyable past life done here and one that brought new insight into a certain timeframe in Egyptian history.  Some of the information that came forward here was not recoreded but joined some of the missing dotes were others had speculated.