"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

(J.K.Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)

Egdar Cayce on the incarnations of Mary Magdalene. He claimed Mary had been a temple musician called Islta in Ancient Egypt. After being Mary Magdalene she incarnated into the body of the daughter of the last of the Louises, Louis XVI of France.

Past, Present and Future

Victorian Family

Next time you look at an old photo taken many years ago, just have a small thought, you could of been right there or even, more possible, the same timeframe. Just think, you could have been interacting with your current ancestors!

The way we are today is rooted from what you have lived before including your likes and dislikes, your talents, phobias along with relationships. In other lives previous to this one you could have been male or female, played the role of mother or father, born in any country on this world and even beyond.  If I have had many life’s which I reckon by now I have, I will still always be the same spirit, holding my individuality on an infinite journey, constantly learning and growing, becoming wiser through many experiences

We don't remember these lives of course as much as we can’t remember the things we did age one or two years old, but there are moments when we get a feeling, a sense of belonging somewhere or attachment to something or someone. People have been to places they have never been before and knew places inside out in great detail with no other explanation. Children can be and still be born remembering their previous life, again with accurate detail and amazing their parents.


1880s family photo

Our life's that we live are not 100% mapped out for us but that does not mean we will go in blind.  We will have like a rough draft of the life we will enter but we will have a free will of countless choices which will lead us into one direction or the other.  Metaphorically speaking, you would never go to a college without having decided what course you would be studing.  As soon as you have chosen your course you start to learn the subject like you learn about your life.


Witham Cemetery
Photo by Terry Peters



Just think of the possibility's of past life. You may even see the old clothes you used to wear in a previous life, in an old shop window!  This is of course remote as you could have your next life anywhere in the world or a different one but it is possible!




⭐ My own Past life's transcript ⭐

Below is a typed account of my past lifes when I visited Sarah Paine 

( thesuffolkdowser.co.uk). It was a 2 hour session and brought out some fascinating information.