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  • Mary Magdalene, “Apostle to the Apostles,” Given Equal Dignity in Feast -

    Date: 10th June 2016

    Pope Francis, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments published a new Decree on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, 3 June 2016, in which the celebration of Saint Mary Magdalene was elevated and inscribed in the General Roman Calendar with the rank of Feast.

    This decision, in the current ecclesial context, seeks to reflect more deeply upon the dignity of women, on the new evangelisation and on the greatness of the mystery of God’s Mercy. Saint John Paul II paid great attention not only to the importance of women in the mission of Christ and the Church, but also and with special emphasis on the particular role of Mary of Magdala as the first witness who saw the risen Christ, and as the first messenger who announced the Lord’s resurrection to the Apostles (Mulieris dignitatem n. 16). The importance of this continues today in the Church, as is evident in the new evangelisation, which seeks to welcome all men and women “of every race, people, language and nation” (Rev 5: 9), without any distinction, to announce to them the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while accompanying them on their earthly pilgrimage, and offering them the wonders of God’s salvation. Saint Mary Magdalene is an example of a true and authentic evangeliser, that is an evangelist who announces the central joyful message of Easter (cf. Collect for 22 July and the new Preface).

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  • Magdalene back on the Tor

    Glastonbury 2020

    Glastonbury Tor has seven canopied niches on its western side part of the tower. Five of these are vacant but one contains a statue of St Dunstan and another, the base of a statue of St Michael. The Tor is also a meeting place of the St Michael and Mary Ⓜagdalene energy Ley lines. Recently I had the strong impression that one statue, which should of been somewhere in the middle, was that of Mary Ⓜagdalene. After further confirmation through various means I found that she had indeed been on the tower. I then had an image of this statue in my mind and noticed it was similar to the Ⓜagdalene statue inside the Ⓜagdalene church at nearby Taunton. So with a few electronic art creativity, I managed to place the Ⓜagdalene back on the Tor for her feast day.

  • The 18th anniversary of the day the last Magdalene Laundry in Ireland closed

    Source: Irish Central
    Date: 25th October 2014

    Also known as Magdalene asylums, Magdalene Laundries were cruel and medieval institutions in which women were imprisoned, stripped of their human rights and abused sexually and otherwise.

    Women sent here were deemed “mischievous” or “scandalous” at an incredibly young age, and spent years and years of their lives doing penance for their sins, guarded by ruthless nuns.

    The Laundries were disguised as rehabilitation centres for “fallen” women; in reality, they rarely made it out alive. A mass grave of 155 corpses was discovered in Dublin in 1993.

    My view:
    It is ironic now however that we learn of the true nature of Mary Magdalene that being called a "Magdalene" was actually a great honour, a small bit of comfort for this horrendous crime

  • Oxford Magdalene Weekend 28th-30th November 2014

    Source: Terry Peters
    Date: 22 November 2014

    This weekend I will be Oxford bound searching for Mary Magdalene including the local church named after her, a college in her name with three Mary Magdalene statues. I will also be taking a trip to neighbouring Woodstock as they to have a Mary Magdalene church. Will also be shopping in the many spiritual and book shops, cant wait!!

    Although the college is named after St. Mary Magdalene they do pronounce the word Magdalene as "maudlin" which is in fact the traditional English pronunciation of “Magdalene".

    Like in Cambridge I have no idea why they still say maudlin despite the Magdalene spelling, despite the Magdalene statues and despite holding a 15th-century manuscript containing a medieval life of Mary Magdalene attributed to Rabanus Maurus.

  • Court rules that film on Jesus tomb, marriage to Mary Magdalene was not a fraud

    Source: Jerusalem Post
    Date: 08th June 2015

    A 2007 documentary with the jaw-dropping conclusions that Jesus was buried, his lost tomb found in Jerusalem and that he married and had children with Mary Magdalene has been ruled to not be a fraud by the Lod District Court.

    In a decision handed down late Sunday by Judge Jacob Sheinman, the filmmaker, Simcha Jacobovici, was awarded NIS 829,500 in damages for having been defamed by critic Joe Zias.

    The conclusions went even further, saying there was significant evidence Jesus had been married to Mary Magdalene and they had children, all of whom were buried with him in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

  • 'Lost gospel' claims Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had children

    Date: 12th November 2014
    Source: Daily Telegraph

    Mary Magdalene was a "co-messiah", the wife of Jesus and the mother of his children, according to a translation of an ancient manuscript.
    The authors of a new book claim that by decoding the manuscript and translating it from the Syriac language, they shed light on the politics leading up to the crucifixion, fill in "significant gaps" about Jesus's life and present him as a "human" who placed importance on family, marriage, love and sex.
    "It goes way beyond marriage," he said. "It describes (Mary Magdalene) as a co-messiah, co-deity, defender of humanity.
    "This shows her as the leader of the Gentile (non Jewish) church. She is called the mother of virgins. This text is called the story of Mary Magdalene. It's about her."
    The Lost Gospel is based on a 29-chapter manuscript dating back to about AD570 that was purchased by the British Museum from an Egyptian monastery in 1847 before being transferred to the British Library some 20 years ago

  • Ancient papyrus found, says: 'Jesus said to them, "My wife"

    Date: 10th April 2014
    Source: Daily Mail

    The scrap of papyrus claiming Jesus had a wife, which was dismissed by the Vatican as a modern forgery, has been authenticated as a genuine ancient document. Scientists from several prestigious U.S universities have said it was written between the fourth and eight centuries.

    The fragment of papyrus is written in ancient Coptic and reads: 'Jesus said to them, "My wife"' and '…she will be able to be my disciple…'
    In a forthcoming paper in the Harvard Theological Review, Professor King speculates that this so-called 'Gospel of Jesus’s Wife' may have been tossed on the garbage 'because the ideas it contained flowed so strongly against the ascetic currents of the tides in which Christian practices.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Found Which Depicts Mary Magdalene With Child

    Date: 8th August 2012
    Source: Daily Mail

    For years it sat on a farmhouse wall gathering dust.
    And when Fiona McLaren redecorated, she didn't even take the time to cover the apparently worthless painting in a protective sheet, so it got flicked in specks of paint.
    However, in an astounding twist it has emerged that the picture is likely to have been the work of master artist Leonardo da Vinci and worth over £100million.
    Ms McLaren said her father used to call the painting 'Madonna and Child with John the Baptist, but having spent a decade researching the history of the work, the nurse believes the painting is actually not the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, but Mary Magdalene and her son.
    A papal bull – an order from the pope attached to the back of the painting is another significant feature of the painting and has been confirmed as belonging to Pope Paul V who was head of the Catholic Church in the early 17th century.
    Although much of the wording on the Papal Bull has now disappeared, Fiona says the word for Magdalene is visible.