"I believe there are two sides to the phenomenon known as death,this side where we live, and the other side where we shall continue to live. Eternity does not start with death. We are in eternity now."

(Normal Vincent Peale)

Your Questions about all spiritual matters

On Midnightmagdalene, you can submit questions that you have about anything spiritual.  This came be from general questions to more personal issues.  Subjects can range from life and world or regarding yourself and someone dear.

Please bare in mind that I am no medium or physic that can connect to the otherside.  What I can do is give the best advice I can through my knowledge & experience.  I have studied the spiritual world for over ten years now including past lives, karma, NDE's, consciousness and the spirit world itself.  I've approached the subject of spiritualism through many means including science, quantum physics, history, mediumship and clairvoyance.  I have drawn my own conclusions to my own study which has been reflected in my website.

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Peter White, Manchester, England:

Question:  What can we expect from the spirit world, what is it like there?

The spirit world is very much like our physical world but is not restricted by time.  You could be there for what seems ages but only a few days have passed in the physical world.  The spirit world exists in a higher dimension of energy and, in its higher realms, is a world of unimaginable beauty, which is difficult for us to comprehend.

A persons spiritual body can travel with thought waves and can also communicate with these thoughts. This is how our consciousness works, our awareness, our thoughts and memories are presevered.  If one thinks of a person and place, they can immediately be transported there to what they wanted in thought. Once In the spirit world, a person understands how the life just passed was another experience to gain wisdom and knowledge to advance themselves spiritually.



J Harving, Cambridgshire, England,

Question:  What is the purpose of ghosts?

Ghosts are basically spirits who have not transcended into the spirit world because of their attachment to the physical world.  They are usually unaware that they are actually dead and can become confused as to their ever changing surroundings.  Because of this notion that they are still alive, their vibration remains low and as a result can be seen by the physical eye.  Some spirits can remain ghosts for a long period of time, but most eventually pass on through various means.


Katie Marsh, Pennsylvania, USA,

Question: How can I understand mediums more, are they all genuine?

Firstly, mediums are human just like the rest of us ,therefore they wont always be 100% perfect.  These days there are alot of rules and regulations put in place to stop the so called mediums who play on peoples senses and are in for it just to make money.  Having said that, I understand some mediums can suffer from a lack of confidence and have more anxiety because of these new rules which brings pressure to peform accuratly and as a result can hamper their natural mediumship ablity.

As I understand it, truth and integrity are important in mediumship, they can only give what the spirit tells them.  A good medium will give statments and ask for feedback rather than ask too many questions.  Every medium works differently from the next and in turn the spirit world has different ways in how they communicate.  A medium, metaphorically speaking, is like a mobile phone where the connection is key to receiving and transmitting information through a very good signal.


Penny K, Louisiana, USA,

Question: How come children are born with diseases, are there spiritual factors here?

Any disease such as cancer, can happen to any single person wheather a child or adult, but the effect can touch many on an emotional and mental level.  Any disease that can cause death can cause alot of grief and sadness, but it also opens doors to greater understanding and love, but can take time to get to this point of acceptance & understanding.

These illness have nothing to do with the spirit or the spiritual dimension/world, Karma and some sort of payback etc.  The chemicals that is in the things we use along with the things we eat contribute to the diseases we have.  On a biological level, our physical DNA reacts in differant ways to certain things in life.  Children that are born with illnesses or disabilities is mainly down to gentic cells not forming the body correctly or hereditary reasons.

The only spiritual aspect of all this is the spirit would of chosen its next incarnation and would of known the difficulties that he or she would face.  It may seem hard to understand but its all part of spiritual growth, gaining experience and knowledge in these difficult lifes. One reason for example could well be that despite certain imperfections of the body, the spirit will think that they are strong enough to overcome these barriers, thus gaining valuable insight leading to personel growth.


Ann Brooks, Northumberland, England,

Question: What happens to the spirit of those who have committed suicide?

Firstly as I understand, there is no judgement from those in the spirit world so there is no damnation on this subject.  An individual who has taken their own life usually shows an imbalance in life, their mind is disturbed meaning their thought process no longer becomes rational.  It is possible that the person may have taken their life in previous incarnations as they try to understand the physical side of life.  Motive is a key aspect, for example, when an individual has taken their own life in order to hurt other people.  In spirit the mind is open; motives can be seen clearly so there is a price to be paid for such acts that has happened in violent ways in suicide terms.


D R Edwards, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Question: What is consciousness in relation to death, what does science say on the subject?

Our consciousness has no death, although some people of course think it does, but this is only because people identify themselves with their body.  This body of ours is like a snail which of course carries around with it a shell.  We also carry a shell, its called space & time, and we live by it everyday, but remember consciousness exits outside the constraints of both time and space.  Remember also the physical brain is not the mind as it is only an organ through which the mind operates.

Some modern day scientist’s explain that consciousness resides in the microtubules of the brain cells, the main sites of quantum processing.  Upon death, this information is released from your body, meaning your consciousness goes with it.  Some scientist’s as I understand, are pushing through the boundaries of science, working against assumptions and perceptions that have been fixed. A lot of people hold the idea that when you die; you die; that's it. Death is a moment - you're either dead or alive. All these things are not scientifically valid, but they're social perceptions.


Louise Francies, Shropshire, England:

Question: What is meant by the term "silver cord"

Firstly, think of a baby and their umbilical cord which receives and transfers physical nutrients from the mother.   The silver cord is similar as it serves as a sort of energetic cord to receive and transfer life.  Your spiritual body is linked with your physical body by this silver cord and every person has one whether they are aware of it or not.

Physical death occurs when the silver cord is severed although breaking a silver cord doesn’t happen easily.  Only when the appropriate moment of death occurs can the cord be severed and the spirit returns home.  People who can astral travel can see this silver cord once they project out of the physical body. It keeps the connection in order to help people find their way back after exploring about on the astral plane.