A collection of items I have obtained to use on midnightmagdalene, a list of these items are below



 Collection of postcards from the Film Magdalene Laundries

 Collection of Holy land antique coins  from the time of Mary Magdalene

 Postcard of Glastonbury Tor

 Stamp of Jean Francois Champollion

 Antique picture of Egyptian Princess

⭐ Antique picture of Marie Therese Charlotte Daughter of the last of the Louises.

 Vatican 500 Lire Coin 1975 Jesus & Mary Magdalene

 "Eyes are the windows of the soul" Painting copy by Angela Dawson

 Vintage retro brass wall plaque sailing templar ship 6"

 Templars - Knights Bronze Cross 12-14th Century AD Rare Relic



 Old Antique womans head sprayed silver

 Collection of old bones and cloths

 Engravings of Cathar history from old french book

Old Templar Postcard, Temple London