“Life ends with a snap of small bones, a head cracked from its stem, and a spirit unmoored...”

(Sarah Kernochan, Jane was here)


This page is about your stories you which to share on any subjects regarding spiritualism. These can range from ghostly encounters, NDE reports, past-life, mediumship etc.  Just email me your story at midsummermagdalene@yahoo.co.uk and your story will be shown on this page. As with all the other pages on my website, please feel free to comment.

Man & woman in bed
Paris Cemetery

Howard Price, Somerset:

15th July 2017

I've gone back and forth on the question of life after death, but last September I clearly saw a child appear and then disappear whilst driving my local bus. She wasn't there when a mother and son boarded, but a little later in the rear view mirror I saw her cuddle up close to the woman for at least several minutes. She made eye contact with me more than once when I sat at the traffic lights and looked entirely normal; not "ghost-like" at all. Then suddenly she was gone. Neither family member was aware of her presence as I later realised and they got off the bus in town alone. I literally searched the bus for her and watched everyone leave--she was not physically present. Since then I do not "believe" in the survival of a soul--I know it.

Mary Magdalene
Sutton Cemetery

Gail Swann, Monmouthshire:

03rd July 2017 

I remember my father telling me that he had died for ten minutes when his tank blew up in the 2nd world war. He said to me don't ever worry when I die because I've been there and I was told that I would not suffer when my time was up. He actually died on the beach in Portugal with a smile on his face. His experience was watching the doctors trying to save him in a hospital in France; he recalled going through a tunnel and all the pain he had been suffering from had disappeared. He said he did not want to go back as his dead family were there and he could see colours which he never before would have imagined. He said the worst part was getting dragged back into reality. My father was not a religious man and thank God he came back because otherwise I would not be here to tell his story...

Mary Magdalene, Sutton Cemetery

Arthur Cooper, Gloucestershire:

24th June 2017

I remember a few years back now, I was staying with a close friend who was dying of cancer as her treatment had proven unsuccessful. The day before she actually passed away, she asked me to turn down the lights because it was so bright in her room. I was puzzled by this and told her there were no lights on. She said it again with greater purpose. She then went on to say the light was beautiful and told me that "they" were getting a party ready for her when she went home. She was so excited. The next day she died at the hospital. I feel so privileged to have been with her during her final conscience moments!


Spirit leaving the body
Magdalene Vault

Jane Kelly, Glasgow, Scotland

12 August 2016

I will always remember when I was a young girl when me and my parents had moved into our new house. It was a very big old building near the coast.

I remember waking up one morning not soon after and could hear singing. It sounded like mum which she would oftern do whilst cleaning. I called out for her and heard the voice replied. “Yeeeeees?”. I called her again as I opend the door and walked down the hallway upstairs and again got another “Yeeeeees?” As I went along the hallway and just past the stairs I asked for mum once more and the voice appeared to be coming from our spare room.
I reached for the handle of the door to go inside, when I heard the front door downstairs open and my mother call "Anyone awake?, Im home now” I let grip of the handle and went to the top of the stairs, "Ive just woken up" I replied down being more than surprised. "Okay said mum, I will make some breakfast" she said. Before I ran down the stairs my curiosity got the better of me and I walked back to that room and slowly opened the door. It was all quiet apart from hearing what seemed like footsteps walking across the creaking floorboards and then stopped. I just ran downstairs after that and told mum. Apparently she has heard voices in that room too!

St Mary Magdalene
Witham Cemetery

Henry Williams, Hertforshire, England

12th July 2016

I had an experience about three years ago as I was working from home one evening.  Whilst working on my computer I had also on the desk a baby monitor so I could hear our baby daughter.  It was her nap time and I could hear my wife singing nursery rhymes to her.  I carried on with my work for another five minutes or so until I had to open the window to let some air in being such a hot day.  As I opened it, I froze as I could see my wife outside doing some gardening and yet I could hear her, or so I thought, through the baby monitor!  I quickly rushed into my daughter’s room and no one was in there apart from our baby girl!  To this day I still don’t know who that female voice was singing to our baby daughter.

The image of a face is just above the young boys head. Click on image to zoom


P Perry, Essex, England

15th May 2016

I wanted to share this photo that was sent to me of my grandson in which I noticed the light on the wall above my grandsons head.  As I looked closer I could make out a face and I instantly recognised the face of my mum who had passed away in October 2015.  Could she be giving me a sign saying she was with us in spirit?

Highgate Cemetery

Marian M, Sussex, England:

03rd March 2016

I remember seeing some of my patient’s lying in their beds coming towards the end of their life and greeting passed over loved ones just as if they were standing there with me.  After this moment some would just lay back and pass over peacefully.  One gentleman kept saying that there was two ladies waiting for him and asking him to go.  Two days later he passed over and I later found out that he had been married twice!  I’ve also witnessed and my fellow colleagues of a foggy cloud coming out of some patient’s mouth just after they passed and go towards the window.

Some patients seem to concentrate on a particular area of the room, almost transfixed, eyes wide open, as if something is standing there.  It’s almost like when they say a cat or dog stares at something that’s not there and it’s a ghost.   I’ve also witnessed the “silver cord” being pulled before being released, then disappearing.  Some of the new staff take a while to get used to what they have seen, others run off!

St Johns church
Southend on Sea

F Haywood, Kent, England:

12th December 2015

I worked as a Paramedic for a long time, and had conversations with people who had NDE after horrific accidents. Of the many discussions, one man described being in a tunnel of bright light heading towards a brighter light that he knew was home. He felt love, happiness and warmth.  He was aware of someone being next to them but was unable to identify who this was.  I spoke with him recently and It still gives him goose bumps when recalling it. Even though he enjoys his life, he didn’t want to go back, it’s much more than a normal dream he explained, it felt so real, and still after all this time seems vivid, unlike all his dreams in the last 20 years since the accident.

St Mary Magdalene

Fay White, Derbyshire, England:

21st October 2015

My mother tells me how when I was a young girl, I used to talk about another life I had before I was her child.  She would tell me how I asked if the fighting had finished, are we safe and where is my other family.  I was only four years old at the time and my mum was very concerned at first but soon got used to it.

Apparently I used to carry a torch with me all the time and would ask the names Susan, my other mother.  I also used to say how different my other mother was to her and how my other mother used to sow alot of my clothes as we were not well off.  When I was around nine years old, these memories started to fade away to the point that I have no recollection at all.

Great Warley

Michelle Ireton, Essex, England:

12th Septemeber 2015

Whilst working as a home carer for the elderly, I was asked to visit a lady one evening to make some tea and help to get ready

This lady lived alone since her husband had passed away some years ago and she had developed dementia.  This lady was always in her own little world who liked to stay in bed, sit in the arm chair in the lounge or wander around the house.  One night I arrived and entered through the back door which led straight into the kitchen.  I called out "hello" and began to make tea.  From the kitchen I could see the lady sitting in the armchair from the reflection of the glass fronted cabinets in the lounge.  The lady had short hair and glasses which I could clearly see.  I did not get any reply from her but then it was not unusual for her not to say anything back so I carried on chatting whilst making the tea.

When the tea was ready, I carried it to the lounge and went to place it on the table in front of the chair where the lady was sitting only to find the chair empty!  Feeling somewhat baffled and confused, I placed the tea on the table and went upstairs to find the lady in bed!

I quickly got her ready for the night and brought her downstairs for her tea.  Once I had locked up and left I rang my agency and told them what happened, they replied "oh, you have seen her husband!"  Apparently, since the lady had got progressively worse with dementia, other carers had reported 'seeing' the lady's husband (short hair and glasses) in the house, or heard voices and noises and not many wanted to go back.  I did go back a few times but never alone!

Hazel Roach, Derbyshire, England:

09th September 2016

When I was younger, I used to see a lady in our spare room that we had upstairs.  As children, me and my sister used to play all sorts of games in there and along the hallway.  At times when I was on my own, I could see a lady standing in the corner next to the old Georgian window, looking out towards the garden.  At couple of times I remember her turning towards me, starring then she would smile before fading away.

A year or so passed when I finally plucked up the courage to talk about what I saw, fearing I would be laughed at.  Turned out this lady was seen by many people up there and that this very woman was my late aunt, Grace or Gracie as they used to call her.  Apparently she used the room as her study and was frequently seen looking out the window both when she was alive and after she passed!

A Danjuma, Essex, England:

03rd July 2015

I was working for an agency when I was asked to go back to a care home for the first time in two weeks.  During the shift when we were putting people to bed I noticed that two ladies were still sitting up in the lounge.  I went to the other member of staff and asked assistance to put them to bed.  The other member of staff looked puzzled and asked who were in the lounge.  I gave the names of both ladies and to my shock I was told that both had passed away last week!  I did think it was a bit odd seeing those particular ladies as they both liked to stay in their bedrooms most of the time, one was always in bed!  Apparently they passed within three days of each other and yet I saw the pair of them talking away!

Highgate Cemetery, London
Mary Magdalene

K Crowby, Nottinghamshire, England

22nd June 2015

My story is about my memory of being with my pregnant mother before I was born.  It does seem hard to believe but it was very real.  I recall watching my mum on a train late at night; she had a luggage case with her.  I somehow knew where she had travelled from and her destination.  I remembered her clothes she was wearing and even the fragrance which I could smell.  Another time I recalled her in the garden doing some work and thinking to myself that she was over doing it in her pregnant state.  I first told my mother all this at the age of five and she was astonished to say the least.  She confirmed all the details from what I saw.  The garden itself I never knew of when I was born, as she and my dad moved house just before my birth.  Even today I think about it how strange it was but its so vivid in my mind, so much more than your everyday dream.