NDE for blind people?

Photo from angelicview.wordpress.com

People who are blind can experience sounds, smells, and other sensory stimulus, but you can include near death experiences to that list.  You see not only do they experience sight for the first time during their NDE's, but the experience is carried back into their consciousness, giving them the only visual memories they ever had. 

Now skeptics say NDE's are nothing more than dreams, hallucinations, a dying brain trying to calm us, drug induced, effects of oxygen deprivation, light effects that come from the dying Pineal gland, etc. These explanations come from our current, but aging, scientific and reductionist paradigm.  This is were the blind people case comes to the fore, remember blind people don’t have a concept of sight; they only dream in audio.  They cannot possibly hallucinate as their brain would have no memory images to play tricks on them.

Hallucination is a common explanation of NDE's on any kind of person, blind or not.  But if your in a desert, tired and thirsty then yes you would want to see water and so does your brain.  If your in a hospital, in pain and dying, then maybe you would want to see doctors trying to resuscitate you and so would your brain.  But do you always have to see it happen from the ceiling of the ward, do people see water in a desert from the sky?  Why do people not stand next to the doctors and nurses or sit near a chair and watch this hallucination unwind?


Ruth's Story

Ruth has been blind ever since birth but on midnightmagdalene she has shared her story of the one time she could see during a NDE when she was pronounced clinically dead:

I was in complete shock of what I was seeing, I remembered that  I had been taken to hospital after the accident. I noticed that I was floating up in the air and been able to see light and being able to relate to it. I could see a body below me and at first I did not know it was even mine. I could hear the doctors talking and thats when I knew it was me down there. I felt complete calm and at peace as if I had some complete understanding of what was going on, but another part of me was taken aback, I asked myself, am I actually dead?

Ruth's experience is typical of blind NDE’ers, which seems to suggest that NDE’s are something far more complicated than dreams or simple hallucinations. Not only did Ruth, and presumably others, experience sight for the first time during her NDE, but that experience was carried back into her consciousness once she was revived, giving her the only visual memory she ever had.

"I still remember it as if it was yesterday, there is no other visual memory in me" explained Ruth. "At times I do get upset but I also feelgrateful to have had a glimpse of what other people take for granted"

The idea that a human being is purely material is increasingly seen as very one-dimensional, which is allowing many people to examine this whole topic with an increasingly open mind. There was a point when it was widely assumed science had consigned spirituality to the past. Now it seems we've come full circle: empirical data is forcing many scientists to open their
mind to the possibility that their assumptions of the material world is not what it would seem and just like a goldfish swimming around in its bowl, there is a much more bigger picture out there to understand.