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The Knights Templar in England


"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible"

- Oscar Wilde

My visit to Royston Cave in Hertfordshire which certainly showed me links to Mary Magdalene and her family

England's Templars

The Holy Family or The Bloodline Family.
My interpretation suggests three females, hence the shape of the figures. The child is therefore is a girl

The Knights Templar built up a very good relationship with England which was very generous to the order in giving donations of land and valuables.  At Cressing Temple near Braintree, Essex has been recorded as the first land given to the Templars. Whether they were given land before that we will never know as quite possibly records have been lost.

Both Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, which rivaled London at the time in terms of power, became places of interest for the Templars.  Soon enough churches, chapels, houses and farm buildings were being built by the Templars all across the country leaving behind their striking structures and carvings on the walls on many buldings.

The beehive shaped Royston Cave in Hertfordshire bears mysterious carvings linked to the Knights Templar some 30ft beneath the centre of this market town.  As I went round on a visit there, I began to study the engravings with an open mind as many interpretations have been made about who each figure is.  Some are more obvious than others but as I went around I saw one common basic theme.  It appeared to me that the female engravings appeared to have a shaped like dress with no legs appearing.  The male counterparts on the other hand, can be seen clearly with legs. 

Copy of Illustration by Martin Kaszak from the booklet called "Exploring Royston Cave" by Sylvia P.Beamon 1998. I have highlighted the women figures in pink, men in green.

The skull found in Royston Cave, symbolic of the Templars

Looking at the three pink figures together on the left side of the above illustration, they can be interpreted in two ways; the original opinion suggests it’s a carving of the holy family, Mary, Joseph & the child Jesus.  More modern thinking has suggested the showing of the bloodline family with Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their child Sarah-Tamar.

It became apparent to me, as suggested above, that the three figures are all females, when you compare the other gender engravings.  For example the figure of St Catherine shows her with the famous wheel that’s always with her. Other shows King Richard with his wife, Queen Berengaria together.  These carvings clearly show who the female ones are and who is male along with the St Christopher carving.

Let’s for argument sake say they are three females but who are they and would it be logical enough to suggested this?  In bloodline theories Mary Magdalene was reported as being at least six months pregnant at the crucifixion which is the carving to the left of St Catherine.  Mother Mary along with Mary Magdalene are always shown to be at the foot of the cross, staying with Jesus till the supposed end.  It could well be that the carving is showing Mary Magdalene with her now born child together with Mother Mary well after the crucifixion.  The child appears to be female with the same shaped body therefore her identity could be Sarah-Tamar.

But why would the Templars want to show this? Well as we already know they did hold Mary Magdalene in high esteem, seeing her as the “Sophia” through the coded worship of Baphomet.  It has been suggested they knew about the bloodline and have even been called the guardians of the Holy Grail.

Painting of Mary Magdalene, Magdalene Museum

It was interesting to learn that a human skull with some bones had been discovered in the cave. It would not come as a complete surprise to find one as the Templars used the symbol of the skull on their marine battle flags and engraved on many of their grave headstones. As we have seen, they seem to have a special affiliation with skulls and heads in particular with there so called worship of Baphomet (Sophia). Also not forgetting the female silver head they possessed containing a couple of skull bones of a woman.

The skull appears frequently with images of Mary Magdalene, usually next to her with an open book or alabaster jar. On some she has both hands on the skull to the point of actually hugging it. Mary always has a look of contemplation about her with the skull, a sense of peaceful acceptance of death and mortality, but with a level of understanding that this short time of the material world leads to a higher gateway through spiritual means.



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