“That’s the power you possess as an artist. To find and express your own unique message.” 

- Ella Leya, The Orphan Sky


"The Arrival" by Terry Peters




A sketch showing Mary Magdalene's arrival in Gaul (France) at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. 


Her sailing boat in the background is mourned off the coast, which took Mary and her felllow travellers from Egypt after fleeing the Holy Land


The boat would also of carried Mary's young daughter Sarah-Tamar, dressed in her Egyptian attire and oftern labled as an Egyptian servant girl.


"The Spirit of Sarah" by Terry Peters


Sarah, the daughter of Mary Magdalene, is finally reaching out of the shadows of hidden knowledge.  Residing now on a higher spiritual level, she is also being discovered on the corporal level and she is a healer learned from her mother.


Sarah lived most of her life in Gual (France) but oftern travelled to other countries including Britian.  She had the gift of freeing people from their physical pains but was difficult at times as oftern Sarah had to find secrutiy and peace from people who aimed to silence her.  Sarah carried the so called "bloodline" of her mother and father which, despite the controversy and smoke screens, still exists today.


"Knights Protection" by Terry Peters



The Knights Templar once held and guarded the secrets of Mary Magdalene along with other hidden knowledge.  The order was formed in France and had influance from a number of Cathars right from its formation. 


 Even after their persecution by the Roman Catholic Church, they continued to work in other countries, working under other names and going underground.  The Templars architectural skills can still be seen today on many historic sites, thier buildings are very supernaturally advanced for thier age.




"Artaban" by Terry Peters

 The mysterious 4th wise man who is known mostly in Russian legend and carries the name Artaban.  He was also the only one of the four wise men to visit a girl child who carried the christ consiouness, his gift he carried was pearls. The pearl of course is symbolic of the Moon and Sacred Feminine, hence the importance of the birth of Mary Magdalene. Artaban never arrived to meet the other three wise men, it is possible he died of natural causes, thus symbolising the denial of the female aspect of christ and therefore taking him to the stuff of legends.


"Soul meeting" by Terry Peters

When someone leaves us in the physcical world it seems that all is lost and you will never see them again.  Our human level of comprehension makes us feel like the way we do when trying to understand exactly what happens to us when we die. Its abit like the universe, we could just be a small dot in a large crowd. We can't imagine how big it really is or what other life is out there yet until we "see" it, after all it was not that long ago we all thought the world was flat!  To see a spirit of a loved one is hard but there are people who are more tuned to that side of living, our existance is alot longer than we think it is and one day you will "see" that special person again.